Image of Making Effective Presentations - PowerPoint

Making Effective Presentations - PowerPoint

Days: Saturdays

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Class Code: PBS1

This course will give participants an opportunity to practice giving oral presentations and short talks about topics of their choice, whether academic, work-related or personal. The emphasis is on speaking and preparing successful public presentations. Topics include: 1) essentials and organization of a good presentation, 2) how to use PowerPoint with dynamic slide design, 3) effective speaking techniques and language, 4) creating effective visual aids, 5) practical presentation tips and ideas. Participants will create and deliver practice presentations during the course, building up to a professional end-of-course presentation.

Teacher: Mr. Marc Beyers

Originally from South Africa, Mr. Beyers spent his formative years in Canada. While working as a freelance and in-house translator and editor for agencies and private companies in Japan and abroad, he has been teaching business English, translation and presentation skills courses, including a PowerPoint presentations skills course in the pharmaceuticals area. As a graphic designer, he has worked on graphics for visual corporate presentations in both multimedia and print areas. He earned an M.A. in Advance Japanese Studies from the University if Sheffield.