Image of English Grammar for Communication  (Sat.)

English Grammar for Communication (Sat.)

Days: Saturdays

Time: 11:00 - 13:00

Class Code: ENG7-2

Each class session will consist of the students learning how to describe the English language through extrapolating rules and guides of usage from given examples of grammatical structures. The students will then work on various tasks aimed at raising consciousness and reinforcing these structures. This often will be followed by a creative written task aimed at using the structures in discourse, usually to be given as a homework assignment. The onus is on the students to work things out for themselves rather than just receive and remember knowledge presented by the instructor. *You can attend the class on Wednesdays or on Saturdays. The content for the two sections will be the same.

Teacher: Mr. James Parker

Born in England, Mr. Parker has lived in Japan for over fifteen years and has a Master’s degree in TESOL. He has taught business English at all levels in a number of well-known Japanese and foreign electronic or pharmaceutical corporations, specializing in writing and effective business communication. He currently teaches academic writing classes at LUJ as well as business writing at various companies.