Image of Learning Japanese Culture in English! 

Learning Japanese Culture in English! 

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Class Code: ENG7

It`s only three years to the Olympics in Tokyo. With so many people from other countries coming to Tokyo, you may be asked by some of them about Japanese culture. Others may actually volunteer to meet with foreign guests. Are you ready to help visitors understand Japanese culture? Although you know Japanese culture very well, can you explain it in English to people who have no background in the culture. Can you, for example, explain the difference between tsukemono, oshinko and kounomono? Many of you probably know the difference, but can you explain it in English? What are the steps of praying at a jinja and what do they mean? In this course, we will aim to enhance your English skills and enjoy conversing with foreigners about Japan, and at the same time covering traditional Japanese manners, culture and everyday lifestyle in English. Please join this fun and enjoyable class. I am sure you will find a new meaning to things Japanese!

Teacher: Ms. Aileen Chizuru Inoue

Ms. Inoue is a Japanese American from San Francisco with deep roots in Japan. While in San Francisco, she worked periodically in the Japanese consulate as a translator and cultural events coordinator. She has earned instructor credentials in ikebana, tea ceremony and Japanese classical dancing.