Image of Aging and Beyond!

Aging and Beyond!

Days: Wednesdays

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Class Code: SOC 1

It’s true. Humans are biological beings that mature and grow older. However, beyond what we are as older biological beings, it is helps to examine who we are and what we do socially. In this course, we explore the social-cultural trends of an aging world. Specifically, we examine how different societies have dealt with its older generations historically. We then explore the increasing current movement among seniors which challenges the old stereotypes of the aged. Considered as one of the oldest countries globally, we also look to various practices within Japan which could be considered as a model for other aging societies in crisis.

Teacher: Dr. Anthonette Gibson

Dr. Anthonette Gibson, is a social scientist who teaches sociology and race relations at Lakeland College Japan (LCJ). Dr. Gibson is a graduate of Howard University, which is a private, doctoral and research extensive university in Washington, D.C. She has conducted research on social roles and aging in Japan.