American Style Flower Arranging Workshop

Meets on February, 29th (Sat.)

Time: 13:00- 18:00

Class Code: SEM1

Learn fun and seasonal floral arrangements from an American certified AIFD Designer. You will learn how to arrange flowers according to your lifestyle! Flowers for the American home are full and abundant. You will learn what types of flowers are popular as well as the styles of arrangements that best suit a home. From beginners to the advanced, learn what the true high-end florists and designers do for their clients. Included in the lesson are design techniques and terminology in English. Let’s have fun creating your personalized arrangements for your home! You may take your flower creations home with you after the class.

* A flower fee will be charged separately.

Teacher: Ms. Aileen Chizuru Inoue

Ms. Inoue has more than 35 years experience in Ikebana through the Ikenobo School. She provided ikebana for the movie “Black Rain” starring Michael Douglas and Ken Takakura. She has also been the floral designer for Nicholas Cage. She is certified as a professional floral instructor/designer in the United States by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), which is the only certified professional certificate for floral designers in the United States.