About the course

Current Global Issues Current Challenges of the Global Society

This course explores the relationship that exists between the most pressing issues in the world today and the individual. We use news articles and other source material to provide participants with a basic understanding of the most critical challenges that global society faces today. Materials from different perspectives will be discussed in class and participants will actively participate in class discussions. Readings will be selected from current publications such as Vox, The Japan Times, BBC News, News Week, Foreign Affairs, and other similar publications.

Course taught in: 10 lessons

Price: 34,000 JPY

Days taught: Thursday, 19:00

Language: English

Class List

Week 1 Fake News and Media Literacy
Week 2 Ukraine-Russia Conflict
Week 3 COVID-19 Pandemic
Week 4 The War On Drugs
Week 5 Taiwan 2024 Elections
Week 6 Students Choice
Week 7 Israel-Hamas Conflict
Week 8 International Court of Justice and Climate Change
Week 9 Fixing the Argentinian Economy
Week 10 Students Choice

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Course Instructor

Edgar Pelaez

Edgar is a PhD Candidate in International Studies at Waseda University, specializing in Contents Industries, Media Affairs and Pop Culture, He has experience analyzing international affairs working for the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and teaching different International Relations courses such as Intercultural Communication, USA-Japan Relations and has collaborated with the English education program of the officers´ school of the Japan-Self Defense Forces, delivering English discussion classes focused on International Relations, politics, and security in Japan and Asia.