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Finding a Job in an International Company in Tokyo in 2024

Find a job in an international company (a foreign company in Japan) that fits with your career goals, salary expectations, and work-life balance preferences.

In this program, we will work together to help you find an international company that fits with your preferences and career goals, prepare for the interview, and negotiate better working conditions. This program will be particularly useful to those who lack confidence with job interviews in English and with negotiating job offers. The instructor will provide individual feedback and improvement suggestions to each participant.

Language level: This program is for anyone with at least Intermediate level of English (or above).

Course taught in: 10 lessons

Price: 34,000 JPY

Days taught: Thursday, 19:00

Language: English

Class List

Week 1 Introduction: Helping you clarify your career goals. Skills practice: Making a customized career development plan, based on your needs and interests.
Week 2 Working Environment and cultural barriers: Understanding the differences in working environments in Japanese and foreign companies. Skills practice: Adding your ideas about a desirable work-life balance to your personal career plan.
Week 3 Language barriers: Understanding how language barriers affect communication. Skills practice: Role-plays on how to communicate with more confidence.
Week 4 Communication styles: Understanding the differences in communication styles of Japanese and foreign managers. Skills practice: Role-plays on how to communicate more effectively.
Week 5 Evaluating companies: Using online platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and others to find out more about the company, working conditions and career growth opportunities they offer. Skills practice: Comparing different companies in terms of their fit with your career goals and work-life balance.
Week 6 Applying for jobs: Adjusting your CV and cover letter to particular jobs you are applying to. Skills practice: Making changes into your job application.
Week 7 Answering job interview questions: What kind of questions will be asked and how to answer these questions. Skills practice: Job interview role-plays
Week 8 Asking questions in a job interview: Finding out more about the company, their requirements, working conditions, benefits they offer, career development opportunities etc. Skills practice: Job interview role-plays
Week 9 Negotiating a salary: What kind of questions will be asked and how to answer these questions. Language practice: Interview role-plays
Week 10 Review practice / individual feedback / role-plays

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Course Instructor

Mikhail Kotykhov

Mikhail Kotykhov is Adjunct Professor of Business at Lakeland University, and teaches courses in economics, business, and hospitality management. He has a Master Degree in Business and he started his teaching career in Auckland, New Zealand in 2004. Mikhail has been designing and teaching university courses and cross-cultural communication programs in Japan, working with university students, as well as business managers and executives since 2010.