About the course

Karate for Health and Self Defense

The regular practice of Japanese Karate is one of the best ways to attain excellent health, while developing highly effective personal self–defense skills. We start with a light stretching routine to make our bodies flexible and strong. We then learn the basics of karate: blocks, punches, strikes, and kicks, along with useful self defense techniques to protect against, and escape from attackers. There is no dangerous contact in this class, as we perfect the techniques by “shadowing” and on a punching bag. We will also learn two katas, or forms, which help us perfect and master the techniques. The class will be taught in English (with some instructions in Japanese if needed) and students will learn and practice many important English vocabulary terms related to martial arts, health, and polite speech. This class is open to all students aged 14 or older.

Course taught in: 10 lessons

Price: 34,000

Days taught: Saturday, 13:00

Language: English

Class List

Week 1 Upper block, high punch, front kick, Defense/Escape technique #1, Introducing Kata #1.
Week 2 Middle outside block, middle punch, roundhouse kick, Defense/Escape technique #2, Kata #1, continued.
Week 3 Middle inside block, upper punch, side kick, Defense/Escape Technique #3, Kata #1, continued.
Week 4 Down block, hook punch, back kick, Defense/Escape Technique #4, Kata #1, continued.
Week 5 Sword hand block/strike, knee kick, Defense/Escape Technique #5, Kata #1, complete.
Week 6 Back fist strike, palm heel strike, spinning reverse kick, Defense/EscapeTechnique #6, Kata #2 introduction.
Week 7 Hammer fist strike, spinning back fist, hook kick, Defense/EscapeTechnique #7, Kata #2 continued.
Week 8 Knuckle strike techniques, elbow technique #1, hook kick, Defense/EscapeTechnique #8, Kata #2 continued.
Week 9 Open hand techniques, elbow technique #2, double kick, Defense/EscapeTechnique #9, Kata #2 complete.
Week 10 Review of all techniques and kata demonstrations; certificate presentations.

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Course Instructor

Charles Laurier

Charles Laurier has many years of experience practicing martial arts, including several styles of Karate. He holds a third degree (sandan) in Kyudokai, a first degree (shodan) in Washinryu, and has many years experience in Kyokushin style, and other schools of karate and martial arts. His practice of karate also incorporates Zen meditation.