About the course

Public Speaking for Professionals

This course aims to give students the voice, tools and confidence needed to speak in front of an audience of all sizes. Participants will critique their own and classmates' presentations, and focus on listening comprehension strategies to better understand questions asked at the end of a presentation. Participants can enhance their quality of oral presentations, use of props such as Powerpoint, understanding of audience response, and confidence to handle complex discussions in giving presentations.

Language level: Advanced Beginner and above

Course taught in: 8 lessons

Price: 27,200 JPY

Days taught: Thursday

Language: English

Class List

Week 1 Self introductions
Week 2 Presentation Speech on any topic
Week 3 Technical speeches
Week 4 Speech of Persuasion
Week 5 Hortatory
Week 6 Speech of Praise
Week 7 Extemporaneous Speech
Week 8 Crisis Communication Speeches

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Course Instructor

Dan Sloan

Dan Sloan is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, and has over 20 years of work experience in journalism and communications in Japan, with special interest in business, sports, and entertainment.