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TOEIC Preparation course - Listening and Reading skills

A TOEIC course focused on strategies to answer questions and deal with time as well as reading and listening techniques. Pancho has worked as a test developer and has a professional background in test development. This class focuses on teaching students what the text is seeking to measure and why wrong alternatives are not the key. The class will have the following structure:

1. A 30-minute presentation of strategies and common problems.
2. Exercises that students will discuss in groups.
3. Explanation of keys and feedback.

The instructor can speak Japanese and is happy to explain contents in that language as well.

Course taught in: 10 lessons

Price: 34,000

Days taught: Saturday 15:30

Language: English/Japanese

Class List

Week 1Introduction to the TOEIC Test
Book exercises
Week 2Reading Strategies 1
Mini tests 1 and 2
Week 3Reading Test 1 strategies discussion
Book exercises
Week 4Reading Strategies 2
Mini tests 3 and 4
Week 5Reading Test 2 strategies discussion
Book exercises
Week 6Listening Strategies 1
Mini tests 5 and 6
Week 7Listening Test 1 strategies discussion
Book exercises
Week 8Listenng Strategies 2
Mini tests 7 and 8
Week 9Listening Test 2 strategies discussion
Practice test
Week 10Wrap-up workshop - Practice test discusson
No homework

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Course Instructor

Francisco Naranjo

Pancho is a teacher and researcher with over ten years of experience in English teaching and six in Spanish. He has worked in Australia and Chile. He teaches in Japan at Lakeland University and offers professional language consulting services to a listed company in Tokyo.

His research focuses on curriculum design, test development, and student well-being.

Pancho has a Master of Applied Linguistics from Melbourne University and is currently a candidate for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Essex.